Spring Newsletter: Matches & Board

Our sole reason for existing is to introduce people who would not ordinarily meet and ask one person who (in the words of Tom Kohler of Chatham Savannah Citizen Advocacy)  is living on thick ice to meet another person who is living on thin ice, to get know one another and find ways to be together.  Since the beginning of our calendar year in July we have introduced 19 people who had not met and who are beginning to get to know one another. In February we hosted a pizza supper for new advocates , knowing that we learn from one another ways of developing new relationships.  The wisdom of the group, not surprisingly, was that REALLY listening was key in beginning to know the person with whom they were matched.  Interestingly, the advocates also found that this sort of intentional listening was unfamiliar to many of their protégés.

Our board of directors elected two new members. We asked each of them to introduce themselves. 

Bevan has always been passionate about people. Originally from Athens, she receivedBachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from GCSU.  During her studies one of her internships brought her in contact with people who have mental health labels were incarcerated in a maximum security facility in California, Atascadero State Hospital.  She so appreciated the people she met there that she returned to Milledgeville to work at a similar facility.  Her experiences in Milledgeville led her to change course to pursue a Masters in Criminal Justice in order to better understand why so many people with mental health labels are caught up in the criminal justice system.  Bevan is passionate about people being included in the larger community, including those that are reintegrating after being incarcerated.

Pattie was born and raised in Macon, GA and moved to Milledgeville in 1973.  She started working for Citizen’s and Southern Bank of Milledgeville (at that time) and has been there ever since although the name has changed several times. Pattie is married and has one daughter, one step-son and two wonderful grandsons. She says that she never realized how fantastic being a YaYa (grandmother) would be. Pattie lives on Lake Sinclair where she enjoys fishing and taking pictures of lake life. Pattie has a small photo business, Party Pattie’s Photos in which she specializes in parties, mostly children’s birthday parties.