Spring Newsletter: Office & Staff

The new calendar year has begun and with it some good things we want to share with you. Many of you have probably read about our new location, but the office has been so wonderful that it is news worth repeating.


We are located 118 N. Wayne Street which at one time was a restaurant that served African Americans on one side and whites on the other.  In our work we are always conscious of including everyone, and being in this building is a reminder of how much we lose when we are separated.

Not only does the history of the building keep us focused on diversity and inclusion, the office itself is visible and accessible to the community we serve.  A father came in one day in October and asked what we did, and when we shared a bit, he told us of his son who could not read.  A board member heard us tell the story and offered to become the young man’s advocate and teach him how to read. He has gone from only recognizing three letters to being able to read small books. Needless to say, we are all delighted that this young man’s life will be enriched by his ability to read and the advocate just smiles with joy at his progress.


The office not only has given us greater visibility; it has also given us a space to expand.  We are happy to announce that Savannah native Brittany Curry has joined our staff as Associate Coordinator. Brittany moved to Milledgeville in 2005 to attend Georgia College where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. While in college, she focused on cultural and religious studies, began to build a background in community organizing, and completed an internship in Dharamsala, India. She is acquainted with a broad array of local citizens from having worked for the YES Program and at Blackbird Coffee. Brittany is passionate about developing a fully united community, one that values the lives and gifts of each one of its citizens. She joins Margaret Chambliss and the Board of Directorsin inviting people to learn more and possibly become involved with the work of Citizen Advocacy.