Advocate Gathering a joyful success!

OACA hosted a gathering for advocates on November 29, 2011 at 6 p.m. at our office. The evening was an opportunity for fellowship and reflection, as advocates shared widsom they’d gained from relationships formed with their protégé and the protégé‘s family members. After reaching the 10-year milestone with her protégé, long time advocate Gwen Foster spoke about the twists, turns and triumphs their relationship had been through—how she had been able to support the young girl through a family crisis situation and stand up for her interests, which would lead to higher achievement in school. This powerful testimonial offered a lot of insight and encouragement to the advocates who have more recently been matched with their protégés—who are continually trying to build relationships and think of more ways to navigate each protégé into a more valued social role in the community. This is one of the ways we support long-lasting relationships, by providing the forum for sharing certain actions and elements that work or don’t work and why. OACA knows that each scenario is different, so we offer these meetings as a “brain trust” to help out along the way.