1. What was it that made you say, “Yes”?

2. What do you like to do when you get together?

3. What do you do to become acquainted with new people?

4. Have any of your family or friends met ________?

5. If _______________ were a poem or a movie character which would she be?

6. What club or group could you join with _____?

7. What sort of commonalities are you seeing emerge between the two of you?

8. What part of yourself do you see in __________?

9. How much of you life are you sharing with _________?

10. If you were in _________’s shoes:
How would you feel?
What would you want someone to do for you?
How would you look at things
What would you want said about you?

Thinking about a Bigger Lifeā€¦

1. What do you think a bigger life could look like for _____?

2. What are people who are the same age as _____ doing?

3. What does ______________ do at holiday times? What do you do?

4. Are there people from _____’s past who may just be misplaced but not lost?

5. Who knows ________________ best?