Board & Staff

Board of DirectorsStaff
Angela Riner

Darryl Richardson

Brenda Gruwell—President

Joyce Mickler

Evangeline Edwards Woods

John Gamble
GAO State Board

Bill McNair

Gwen Sanford Foster

Brittany Curry
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Jeanette Waddell
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118 North Wayne Street (across from ACE Hardware in downtown Milledgeville)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1013
Milledgeville, GA 31061


Be Active Learners About:

• Social situations of people with developmental disabilities
• Importance of unpaid, personal relationships
• Capacity of fellow citizens and community associations
• Others involved in the effort
• Evaluating the program, celebrating success, learning from failure

Support Citizen Advocacy By:

• Helping others understand CA and how it could be a part of their lives
• Providing for positively perceived office location
• Planning for diversity and variety of relationships
• Practical problem solving, time and effort management
• Making contacts to learn about the community, meeting people with disabilities, recruiting people to learn about citizen advocacy
• Providing support of relationships

Development of Community Roots By:

• Linking Citizen Advocacy to the associational life of our community
• Defining a clear identity for the program
• Establishing a clear distinction from human services
• Developing a variety of community funding sources

Maintaining Policies and Procedures That Support Program Continuity

• Receive and manage money
• Employ and terminate staff
• Make decisions consistent with Citizen Advocacy Principles
• Provide moral support and problem solving
• Expand board membership

In Practical Terms

• Attend board meetings
• Join and work with a committee
• Meet people and hear their stories
• Attend a values-based workshop
• Introduce staff to your church, neighbors, friends
• Strategize, accomplish tasks
• Learn through reading and discussion
• Be willing to become disillusioned, stripped of illusions but committed to an alternative view of our community